Sallie grew up in West Virginia where every vacation was a long and winding trip back to the family homestead in North Carolina. Her grandmother Sallie got her music degree in 1910, and Sallie felt like the “illegitimate” folkie in this family of southern Bapist church musicians. Her mother said, “Please don’t take your little sister to those places you sing,” meaning coffeehouses or the concerts by her rock and roll revival group, “The Blue Moons.” Sallie’s lyrical vocal leads and solid harmony singing span a wide range; from Carter Family autoharp in old-time bands, to concert choirs, country rock bands, and now, most happily, the Wild Coyotes. She has taught guitar and harmony singing workshops at many festivals and camps throughout the Intermountain West. When she’s not doing counseling in her private practice she loves to cross-country ski and hike the sage and cedar hills around her home with her big yellow dog Maggie.