Rick with his fluid clawhammer style is one of the outstanding old-time players in the intermountain west. He immerses himself in archival recordings researching tune sources and bringing them to new life in the old-time stringbands he has played with through the years. He has taught banjo at the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes in Port Townsend Washington,  the Bluff Country Gathering in Lanesboro Minnesota, and the Montana Fiddle Camp. Rick recorded with Skip Gorman on his Fiddles in the Cow Camp CD.

Rick and Sallie were featured at the Bluegrass and Traditional Music Festival in Harrietville, Australia. Rick, a staunch tunehead, has blossomed into a great old-tme singer with The Coyotes. Rick is the techno-coyote and recorded all of the Coyotes CDs, as well as projects for other acoustic groups. He has a long history of climbing and ski touring, and he and Sallie love to camp and hike with their dog Maggie.