Tunehead's Fancy is the Wild Coyotes second CD. It was released in 2004.

Tunehead (toon' hed) n. – An old-time musician afflicted with repetitive behavior syndrome and taken to habitually playing fiddle tunes. Often forsaking food and family (but rarely drink) to reach the tunehead trance state.

This is a collection of mostly fiddle and banjo tunes with a bit of vocals, guitar, and bass. Rick and Vince are tuneheads but alas, Carrie and Sallie are not. They are songsters, the opposite of tuneheads. This is a source of minor discord in the band and its audiences. Thus, Rick and hennce are forced to satisfy their tunehead cravings as best they can (often with just the fiddle and banjo), getting Sallie and Carrie to join in with their guitar and bass whenever their intolerance for tunes has subsided.

Track Listing:

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